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The Ancestral Forest is a vast natural extension that includes all kinds of beings. The grove and its inhabitants are a whole, a perfect symbiosis where each individual has its purpose in the cycle of life. Among these, the tribe of the spirits outshines. Mystical creatures with a humanoid appearance that share traits with their equivalents in nature, and whose main goal is to protect the sacred sanctums, places of unique spiritual value that serve as energy sources for the forest, thus keeping it in perfect balance.

Yukari, the Miko of the Sanctuary of the South, is a kitsune, a spirit-fox. Being a caretaker shaman of the sanctum is a great honor, but this also involves responsibility, and multiple associated duties, from the basic care of Seiki (serving the pilgrims on the spiritual pathway, officiating rites, etc), to defending the territory from hostile trespassers.

With her cunning and the use of magic, Yukari is able to charm intruders with evil intentions to other forestry places using mirages, thus driving them away from the place at her care. But when a trick is not enough, she does not hesitate about releasing her wild side and using her spiritual power to end threats.

Design: Ric Guerra     Art: Bangbez 239     Sculpted: Barruz Studio     Painting: Marina Ainagoz

This limited edition of Yukari includes:
  •     1 x Yukari´s Resin Limited edition.
  •     1 x Craft box.
  •     1 x Collector´s Card.
  •     1 x Full-color concept card.
  •     1 x 30mm round base.
(This model requires assembly, it is sent unpainted, it is not a toy).



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