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The Silver ladies, also known as Daughters of The Lady, is an elite group of the Monastery of Light, located in the heart of the Calm Valley. These paladins, are the armed agents of the Order and are tied to mediate and solve the most difficult tasks in which The Church is involved using force as a last resort.

Erika is one of the latest priestesses to become a Lady. She has been in the Order from an early age. It is said that while she was just a novice she ran the same orphanage she grew up in. However, during an assault of monsters, that place was burned down to ashes. She was the only survivor without any burn or mark of fire. This incident put her faith to the test, but far from being depressed, she collected all the metallic remains that she could, which belonged to the children she was in charge of and with those memories of the little ones that had been her family for so long she forged Seraph, the sword with which she swore to make sense of the second chance her Lady gave her to protect the weak.

Erika's faith in the goddess is such that she charges without fear into battle convinced that she will find death when the Lady deems it appropriate, and not before. A thought that some would consider suicide if it were not because several times before that some have arrows deviated and deadly blows have ended up being scratches: extraordinary deeds that made many made her known as, the Lady's Protected.

Designer: Ric Guerra     Art: Bangbez 239    Sculpted: Barruz Studio     Painting: Marina Ainagoz

This limited edition of Erika includes:
  •     1 x Erika´s Resin Limited edition.
  •     1 x Craft box.
  •     1 x Collector´s Card
  •     1 x Full-color concept card.
  •     1 x 30mm round base.
(This model requires assembly and painting, it is not a toy).



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