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The arid expanse of the Thalasia sand sea is inhospitable, torrid, and deadly, though not uninhabited. As everywhere, life adapts and makes way. There you can find the Mandara tribe, worshipers of the Dragon god. Which are said to never take prisoners.

Ailena is the exception to this. The red-haired wanderer won the favour of the Mandara´s Shah, their leader. The skills of the young woman acquired by having grown up in a theatre company, her smiling kind and her captivating expertise in the art of dance and magic managed to save her life and despite holding the title of "slave" of the Shah, her role in the tribe is far from being that of a prisoner.

The dancer claims to be from another world so there are many who call her a lunatic for her anecdotes and stories related to her native "kingdom", and although this tends to get laughter, it is true that the young woman's features, Celts, are not like the bulk of Thalasia's inhabitants, Moorish or dark-skinned. His orange hair is another example of this. In any case, this only gives her an extra aura of mystery about the young woman's past. Many think that it is a matter of sorcery since the girl usually does little tricks with lights, music or sleight of hand.

The apparent fragility of Ailena should not deceive, in the moments in which she has had to defend herself, her body, accustomed to dancing since she has the use of reason, moves with harmony and astonishing ease between allies and enemies, almost as if the girl be able to read the rhythm of everything around her, and dance accordingly. This together with her aptitude for magic, which she does not fully understand, but is capable of imitating, have earned her the title of Magic Dancer.

Ailena, lost but seeking.

Design: Ric Guerra     Art: Bangbez 239     Sculpted: Africa Mir     Painting: Christopher Jahn

This limited edition of Ailena includes:
  •     1 x Ailena´s Printed Resin Limited edition.
  •     1 x Craft box.
  •     1 x Collector´s Card.
  •     1 x Full-color concept card.
  •     1 x 30mm round base.
(This model requires assembly, it is sent unpainted, it is not a toy).
(Note: This model is made in high-quality printed resin).


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